Shamelessness on full display

Now for Aaron Rupar’s report on the Cincinnati fascist rally:

Trump made it more clear than ever before that he conceives of himself as the president of the states that voted for him, and little more. At various points during his speech in Cincinnati, he ridiculed living conditions and violent crime in blue “inner cities” like Baltimore, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Arguably the lowest point in Trump’s speech came when he escalated his one-sided feud with elected officials representing one of America’s blackest cities by turning victims of gun violence in Baltimore into a political cudgel to wield against Democrats. The spectacle of the American president trying to score partisan points on violent crime in an American city was a highly unusual one and left Baltimore residents gobsmacked.

It’s unusual for a non-fascist state, but it’s right out of the Nazi playbook.

Trump has made demeaning Democrats and the cities they represent a key feature of his stump speeches. That shamelessness was on full display at another point when his speech was interrupted by protesters holding a banner that read, “immigrants built America,” right after Trump started to talk about how many people were murdered in Chicago last year.

While the protesters were being forced out of the arena, Trump could be heard on a hot mic asking people in the crowd if the mayor of Cincinnati is a Democrat. After they confirmed that he is, Trump said to his audience, “you must have a Democrat mayor!” — as though the disruption wouldn’t have happened if the city was governed by a Republican.

This will all definitely end well.

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