She’s a product of her time

A reporter for NewsAnglia talked to Margaret Nelson about her encounter with the police.

Police have apologised to a blogger for their handling of a complaint about her online comments which had offended some members of the transgender community.

Margaret Nelson, who’s in her seventies and from near Needham Market in Suffolk, was asked to tone down her web posts and tweets about the sensitive issue

That’s such shit writing, and shit reporting. “Their handling” “was asked” – be specific. Be specific and tell the truth. A police person called her on the phone early in the morning, which would be at least startling and intrusive even if the call were about buying tickets to a fundraiser.

Some of the things the reporter said to Nelson:

Do you accept then that your comments might be seen as hurtful or offensive to some people?

Your views are very old-fashioned.

To us, the listeners:

It won’t stop her saying what she feels.

It’s more to do with what she thinks than what she feels. Feeling as a replacement for thinking is how we get into these stupid messes.

In short the reporter was way out of her depth, which didn’t stop her patronizing Nelson throughout.

After the interview there’s a chat with two “trans rights campaigners,” who say some very gormless things.

She’s a product of her time.

Unfortunately a lot of people aren’t aware of how transgenderism works or gender neutral works.

There’s a profound difference between biological sex and gender. Biological sex is just a label that doctors give you when you’re born.

Ah yes, biological sex is just a label, gender is the real thing.

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