South Yorkshire Police

This is from last September but I’m pretty sure I hadn’t seen it until just now, though I’m well familiar with South Yorkshire Police’s dedication to scouring out “hate crimes” in places like Norfolk.

Hate crime is an incident or crime, which is perceived to be motivated by prejudice or hostility against a person’s race, faith, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity.

So much to question in that. First, hate crime is an incident or crime? A crime can be a crime or an incident? I.e. not a crime, but an incident? But so then how is it a crime? How can it be not a crime and a crime? The tweet clears that right up by saying “in addition to reporting hate crime, please report non-crime hate incidents.”

Then – notice anything missing? It’s the one that’s always missing. Sex. It’s quite all right to insult women, you see. “Gender identity” is protected, “faith” is protected, but sex is not. Women just have to put up with it, including threats as well as insults. Jess Phillips for instance:

Then – faith? Really? So I can’t talk publicly about the Catholic church’s relentless campaign for forced pregnancy? I can’t ask why women are required to “cover up” while men are not? I can’t object to the arrest of an artist in Poland for having posters of “the Virgin” Mary with a rainbow banner wrapped around her head?

Don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against cities campaigning against bullying and harassment. I think bullying and harassment should go all the way away.

But the particulars matter.

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