Feminists do not police patriarchal gender norms

Jane Clare Jones offers a list of 30 propositions on ontological totalitarianism. I will share a few by way of appetizer.

2. Human beings have a right to their own perceptions.

10. Resisting coercion is not bullying.

12. Recognition must be freely given if it is to meaningfully function as validation.

Good one. Yes it must. If it’s forced…well it’s not really recognition, is it, it’s just a mouthing of words.

15. Trans people who are visibly gender non-conforming are subject to violence as a result of the policing of patriarchal gender norms.

16. Feminists do not police patriarchal gender norms.


21. People refusing to validate your identity may be painful.

22. Something being painful is not conceptually identical to it being a moral harm, structural violence, or an act of oppression.

23. Not getting our needs met is sometimes painful.

24. Sometimes our needs don’t get met because other people also have needs, beliefs, and interests.

25. Thinking you must always have you needs met and refusing to understand why other people may not meet your needs, is narcissistic entitlement.

And you know what? Narcissistic entitlement does not make for progressive politics. Progressive politics is pretty much all about rejecting narcissistic entitlement.

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