An especially narrow vision of womanhood

Journalist writes piece about the putative “transphobia” of Mumsnet, in which of course “transphobia” is taken to mean not insults and bile aimed at trans people but simply failure to agree that men who identify as women literally are women. (And men who etc, except that gets far less attention. Male entitlement scores another win.)

Anyway, there’s a paragraph that sums up the bizarro-world belief system nicely.

But if, as Roberts and Pedersen assert, the community’s influence is a result of its engaged membership, Mumsnet finds itself at the political whims of a very particular membership base. When it comes to Mumsnet’s reputation for transphobia, it seems that the very demographics to which Pedersen attributes its success may have resulted in an especially narrow vision of womanhood—one that specifically excludes trans women.

Ah yes, it’s such an especially narrow vision of womanhood that doesn’t include men as women.

The journalist is a woman, by the way. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing women catering to male entitlement and shitting on feminist women this way, but it’s still disgusting.

It doesn’t get better.

Since 2016, Mumsnet—specifically its Feminism board—has increasingly found itself on the receiving end of criticism from trans people and their allies.

Found itself? Receiving end? Criticism? In other words trans activists, mostly male, have increasingly taken to bullying women at Mumsnet.

“When I started using Twitter and engaging in the trans sphere in mid-2017, Mumsnet was constantly referenced both on my timeline and in DMs,” says Joss Prior, a trans woman who is part of a sizable trans community that monitors and discusses Mumsnet regularly.

That monitors – because women can’t be allowed to talk about things without male monitoring.

“The whole of the Feminism board was like a spectre hanging over the daily trans discourse.”

Ooooh a spectre is haunting Europe, only now it’s the evil TERF.

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