The app was created as “entertainment”

Funny idea of “entertainment” some people have.

An app that claimed to be able to digitally remove the clothes from pictures of women to create fake nudes has been taken offline by its creators.

The team said the app was created as “entertainment” a few months ago.

Why just women then? Why not men too? Wouldn’t that be just as entertaining?

The program reportedly uses AI-based neural networks to remove clothing from images of women to produce realistic naked shots.

The networks have been trained to work out where clothes are in an image, mask them by matching skin tone, lighting and shadows and then fill in estimated physical features.

So, you know, it’s like the crude stuff we’re already familiar with, where people who like that sort of thing put their victims’ heads on goats or chimps or porn stars or mug shots. What’s the point? To mock and humiliate. That’s not what I call “entertainment.”

The fact that it was just women underlines the point. There are a lot of male people who love to humiliate women, and this is a new way to do it. It’s basically upskirting but without having to go to all that trouble. It’s nothing to do with “entertainment.”

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