The claim was untrue

Pink News issues a correction and apology:

Last week we published and tweeted a story claiming Joanna Cherry QC the MP For Edinburgh South West and the SNP Justice and Home Affairs Spokesperson was being investigated for homophobia. The claim was untrue and we would like to apologise unreservedly to Ms Cherry.

It is well known that Ms Cherry is a human rights lawyer. She came out as a lesbian over 30 years ago and campaigned against section 28. She has spent a lifetime marching and campaigning for the rights of the LGBT+ community and as a politician regularly speaks up for their rights in parliament and beyond.

It was not our intention nor is it in our interest to alienate any member of the LGBT+ community and we are truly sorry for the harm caused.

We are happy also to confirm that we have made a donation to the Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group at Ms Cherry’s request in compensation for the damage done and we have paid Ms Cherry’s legal costs.

In a statement Ms Cherry said: “I am pleased that the PinkNews has withdrawn this damaging and hurtful allegation. I believe in equal rights for all. It is not acceptable for lesbians who speak up for women and girls’ rights and against hateful speech and abuse to be denigrated. I hope the LGBTI+ movement can resume its previous habit of respectful debate over differences of opinion within the community.”

So there.

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