The dog is not at the White House

Oh lord. Apparently Trump and The Sharpie Gang photoshopped a photo so that it looked as if Trump were putting a medal on the Hero Dog?

Or maybe Daily Wire did and he retweeted it?



I did a comment retweet of it at the time saying “Trump hates dogs.” I also wondered why the dog was always photographed with her tongue lolling in exactly the same way…but I didn’t think of photoshop. Stupid of me.

Jim Acosta:

A WH official said “the dog is not at the WH.”

The NY Times:

The photo President Trump shared seemed to be an altered version of a 2017 photo of James McCloughan receiving a Medal of Honor. McCloughan told The New York Times that he felt President Trump was recognizing the dog’s heroism: “They are very courageous.”

President Trump was retweeting a fake photo without saying it was fake. That’s what President Trump was doing. Next time let’s put Homer Simpson in the White House.

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