The INF Treaty

So about this “oh oops Trump made a promise to Putin and that’s what the whistleblower blew the whistle on” story – a Twitter thread on the timeline:

7/28: Dan Coats, the Director of National Intelligence—one of the few grown-ups left in the Trump universe—announces he is resigning soon.

7/31: As wildfires rage in CA, Trump calls Putin to, we’re told, offer help with the wildfires in Russia.

8/2: For no apparent reason, the US pulls out of INF Treaty, because what could be better than allowing Putin to use intermediate-range nuclear missiles?

8/6: Jon Huntsman, the US ambassador to Russia and not an obvious Trump loyalist, resigns.

Oh. Yikes.

8/8: Coats advises Sue Gordon, who would replace him as DNI, to follow him out the door.

8/12: The #Whistleblower complaint is filed.

8/15: Coats steps down as DNI. Sue Gordon also resigns.

8/16: Joseph MAGAuire takes over as Acting Director of National Intelligence, attempts to hold on to the hot-potato whistleblower complaint, in brazen defiance of the law that he turn over report to Schiff/House Intelligence.

Oh jeez.

It all sounds so Hollywood…but then this is Trump, so why wouldn’t it sound Hollywood? What else does he know?

8/25: At the G7 in Biarritz, Trump insists that Russia be allowed to re-join. In private, his defense of Putin is more vociferous than his public statements, reports say. 9/9: News breaks about the CIA being forced to exfiltrate a Moscow mole in 2017.

Trump insists to no avail…but still. (And, no avail so far.)

To sum up………………..oh jeez.

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