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The INF Treaty

Sep 19th, 2019 8:53 am | By

So about this “oh oops Trump made a promise to Putin and that’s what the whistleblower blew the whistle on” story – a Twitter thread on the timeline:

7/28: Dan Coats, the Director of National Intelligence—one of the few grown-ups left in the Trump universe—announces he is resigning soon.

7/31: As wildfires rage in CA, Trump calls Putin to, we’re told, offer help with the wildfires in Russia.

8/2: For no apparent reason, the US pulls out of INF Treaty, because what could be better than allowing Putin to use intermediate-range nuclear missiles?

8/6: Jon Huntsman, the US ambassador to Russia and not an obvious Trump loyalist, resigns.

Oh. Yikes.

8/8: Coats advises Sue Gordon, who would replace him

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The T word

Jul 7th, 2017 3:08 pm | By

NPR’s Moscow correspondent Lucian Kim tweets:

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Compromising and salacious personal information

Jan 10th, 2017 5:58 pm | By

More on the news that reports say Russia has compromising information on Trump.

First from Julian Borger at the Guardian:

Senator John McCain passed documents to the FBI director, James Comey, last month alleging secret contacts between the Trump campaign and Moscow and that Russian intelligence had personally compromising material on the president-elect himself.

The material, which has been seen by the Guardian, is a series of reports on Trump’s relationship with Moscow. They were drawn up by a former western counter-intelligence official, now working as a private consultant.

The Guardian has not been able to confirm the veracity of the documents’ contents, and the Trump team has consistently denied any hidden contacts with the Russian government.

Late on

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