Volodya? Is that you?

Military Veterans Against Fascism:

Trump offered Putin help with fighting wildfires in Siberia…planes, personnel, money, and materials.

When California was burning from wildfires he blamed the state and threatened to stop federal funding from going to the state.

Analysts believe Trump’s call to Putin was him looking for more support (election meddling on his behalf) going into 2020. Given his pick of nominees for the head of the nation’s intelligence system is a Trump loyalist with no intention of preventing Russia from interfering…we may be seeing Trump actively colluding with Russia to rig the 2020 vote.

Moscow Mitch’s refusal to secure our election suggests the criminal conspiracy extends beyond the White House to several prominent GOP leaders.

The Republicans are selling America out to Russia to stay in power.

The Trump administration tried to keep the phone call a secret until someone leaked it and they had to admit it had taken place.

That’s not ominous at all.

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