The Justice Department misinterpreted the law

The Department of Justice, which is supposed to work for the country not for Trump, is helping Trump keep the whistleblower report secret, according to Adam Schiff.

The U.S. Department of Justice played a key role in a Trump administration decision to withhold a whistleblower complaint from Congress, U.S. House Intelligence panel chairman Adam Schiff said on Thursday, adding that lawmakers did not know yet if the White House was involved.

Do we trust William Barr to be doing anything other than protecting Trump? No we do not. Whose fault is that? William Barr’s. He might be doing something disinterested and reasonable right now, but he’s given us way too many reasons to think he’s not. By placing himself so firmly up Trump’s backside he gave away his credibility. That’s not our fault, it’s his.

Schiff, speaking to reporters after a closed-door meeting with the intelligence community’s inspector general, said that the Justice Department had misinterpreted the law in blocking the complaint.

An honest mistake?

Cue hollow laughter

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