The crooks are guarding all the doors

Oh, I see, it’s yet another heads we win tails you lose situation. The Intel IG is saying he can’t share the whistleblower’s report with Congress because he’s not authorized to…by the Trump-appointed DNI. On Sunday Adam Schiff was saying there is no one above the Intel IG, but apparently they’ve found a way around that.

The inspector general for the intelligence community, who is currently meeting with the House Intelligence Committee, has so far been unwilling to share details of the controversial whistleblower complaint, according to multiple sources.

Michael Atkinson has been telling the committee that he is not allowed to provide details of the substance of the complaint because he was not authorized to do so, the sources said. He is discussing the process for his handling whistleblower concerns.

Some context: The inspector general does not have the authority to discuss the details of the complaint with Congress because the director of National Intelligence has not shared the actual report with the committee and has apparently not otherwise authorized Atkinson to share those details.

The intelligence whistleblower act does not allow for details to be provided until the actual complaint has been given to Congress, CNN legal contributor Steve Vladeck explained.

But the director of National Intelligence is refusing to share the actual report with the committee, in defiance of a subpoena, which according to Schiff he has no authority to do.

All these rules work only if the people subject to them are not crooked as the Lombard Street stairs. The DNI is not a normal DNI, he’s a creature of Trump, and he’s stonewalling Congress because he’s a creature of Trump.

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