The original cheeseburger-swallowing clown

Via Screechy Monkey at Miscellany Room, the Root fills us in on what really happened with Donnie Two-scoops and his invitation to gorge on french fries.

When Filet-O-Fish aficionado Donald Trump invited the Clemson Tigers to enjoy the White House’s first Presidential Value Meal, most of Clemson’s national championship football team members jumped at the opportunity to meet the original cheeseburger-swallowing clown. But The Root has learned that Clemson’s black players, some specifically citing racism and their disdain for Trump’s divisive politics, passed on the opportunity to hang out with the real-life Mayor McCheese.

“Filet-O-Fish aficionado” heeheeheehee

The Root spoke with three black Clemson players who each separately confirmed that many players, both black and white, had no interest in making the trip. All three acknowledged that Donald Trump was the reason they chose not to attend. Even more telling, most of Clemson’s white players were in attendance while nearly three-fourths of the school’s black football players took a hard pass on the chance to eat cold fries with the president of people who eat salads from McDonald’s.

I  wish I could be invited to do something at Trump’s behest so that I could take a hard pass. I would love to snub Mayor McCheese.

The ones who did go are younger and less starry.

To Clemson’s credit, all three students individually confirmed that Clemson’s coaches, staff or administration did not pressure them to attend the McNugget buffet nor did any official tell them to keep quiet about their reasons for not going. The players also noted that they harbored no ill feelings towards the players who chose to make the trek to McDonaldland.

“This team is a family,” said the freshman baller. “You don’t always agree with your family on everything but still … that’s my brother, no matter what.”

When asked if they regretted their decision to stay in South Carolina once they saw the piles of cold McMeat their teammates got to enjoy, all three laughed.

“Now if it was some Five Guys, I might feel different,” responded one.

Top athletes and they do excellent sarcasm.

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