The person teaching us the difference between right and wrong

They just don’t get it.

The bishop, who has maintained his innocence, will be charged and face trial by a special prosecutor on accusations of rape and intimidation, the police investigating the case said. But the church acknowledged the nun’s accusations only after five of her fellow nuns mutinied and publicly rallied to her side to draw attention to her yearlong quest for justice, despite what they described as heavy pressure to remain silent.

“We used to see the fathers of the church as equivalent to God, but not anymore,” said Darly, her voice shaking with emotion. “How can I tell my son about this, that the person teaching us the difference between right and wrong gave him his First Communion after committing such a terrible sin?”

The church is an institution that divides humanity into two halves for the purpose of making one half subordinate to the other. If you do that, there is going to be abuse. It can be the Mafia or the church, it makes no difference; telling people that these other people over here are your inferiors is an invitation to abuse the putative inferiors. That’s how humans work. An institution that not only does that but makes it sacred and holy and mandated by an all-powerful god who belongs to the superior caste is making it all but mandatory. Of course priests rape women; priests have been trained to look down on women, under instruction from Mister God Himself.

“The church is losing its moral authority,” Father Vattoly said. “We are losing the faith of the people. The church will become a place without people if this continues. Just like in Europe, the young will no longer come here.”

Good. Find a better source of moral authority, one that doesn’t carve people up into superior and inferior.

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