Theft not limited to material objects

Taking credit for other people’s work? Don’s your man for that.

When President Donald Trump visits this border city Friday, he plans to tour a recently installed section of border fence. It’s the first replacement project completed under his presidency, and a plaque welded to the bollards marked the occasion.

The plaque, installed more than six months ago when the work was completed, refers to the 2.25-mile-long barrier as the “the first section of President Trump’s border wall.”

Border officials in Calexico have noted that the project had been planned for years before Trump took office.

It’s a section of border fence; it’s not part of “his” border wall. Donnie Tw0-scoops didn’t invent the border.

A fence had existed at the spot for decades. The replacement project substituted Vietnam War-era, landing-mat fencing with newer bollards.

David Kim, the assistant chief patrol agent for Border Patrol’s El Centro Sector, told the Desert Sun in February 2018 — as the project was starting — that the Border Patrol had identified this section as a priority for replacement in 2009, during President Barack Obama’s administration.

A mere ten years ago, at the start of someone else’s presidency.

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