Then, she persisted to do the same things

More from the “Stone the TERF JK Rowling!!” faction:

A heap of sludge from one Phaylen Fairchild (they do love those flattering neo-names, don’t they) at Medium:

It’s been a long time coming, but finally we have a definitive answer. JK Rowling is a TERF.

There have been multiple instances wherein the (in)famous Harry Potter author demonstrated solidarity with radical feminists who have waged a vicious smear campaign against transgender women.

Or not so much waged a vicious smear campaign as disagreed with, but you know, gotta fan the flames.

While the LGBT community and our allies have stood back and watched a rather ominous narrative form around JK Rowling, it has been without any direct confirmation or statement from the author herself. It’s as if she is conditioning the world to accept it rather than rebuke it. First she stuck her toe in the water, was caught, claimed it was a misunderstanding and we accepted that. Then, she persisted to do the same things… again and again.

She was “caught” – having her own opinion instead of prostrating herself before someone else’s. She “persisted” – as the US senator complained about Senator Warren when she wouldn’t stop talking simply because he told her to.

Finally, we have some confirmation of Rowling’s stance against the transgender community. She has followed one of the most hateful and aggressive anti-trans radical feminists on Twitter, Magdalen Berns.

Out of her 14 million followers, Rowling herself follows less than 700 people on social media, so it’s safe to presume her perspective aligns with that of the well known transphobe whose account is solely committed to espousing misinformation and dangerous rhetoric toward transgender women. This clearly isn’t another middle-aged moment. Instead, it seems more like Rowling unapologetically pulling back the curtain and finally ending what little left there was to speculate about with any optimism.

The terrible writing doesn’t help, but you get the idea.

There’s also an indignant public Facebook post:

so the question that you in no way need answered, that you probably weren’t thinking about at all until you saw this tweet, is:

“Is J.K. Rowling a terf?”

I just went through all the accounts she follows — it’s a pretty small list, under 700 — and here’s what I found.

Pause to admire the dedication, the altruism, the commitment it takes to investigate what accounts another person follows in search of evidence of…well, of following those accounts.

@/magdalenberns is a terf. her timeline is just crammed with anti-trans hostility.

@/damcou is a sneering transphobe. search “from:damcou trans”.

@/glosswitch speaks up in support of Bindel and believes that trans women are violent men.

@/hadleyfreeman, another bindel supporter, supports transphobes and transphobic causes while trying to claim she’s not a terf.

@/victoriapeckham is a high-profile terf who believes trans kids don’t really kill themselves all that often, and is incidentally a swerf as well

@/jolyonMaugham says trans women are women… except when any specific policy issue comes up, or self-ID, when he about-faces into ‘it’s complicated’ and ‘both sides’. search “from:jolyonmaugham trans”

@/claireshrugged thinks that trans women are ‘biologically male’ and cannot be lesbians.

Etc etc etc, with Jess Phillips and Frances Barber and Graham Linehan hauled in. Wrongfollow! Wrongfollow in the highest degree!

She’s a fucking terf. She has been all along. The only reason she hasn’t said so openly is that she wants to keep raking in LGBTQ fan dollars.

When you give her your money, you’re giving money to a terf. When you support her claims to being lgbtq positive, you’re providing rhetorical cover for a terf.

When you play the new harry potter game on your phone, you’re giving support and ad dollars to a terf.

You have been warned.

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