Oooh she follows a wrongthinkist

More finger-pointing hissing venomous garbage from Pink News:

The Harry Potter author JK Rowling has been heavily criticised for following the “self-professed transphobe” YouTuber Magdalen Berns on Twitter.

Berns has uploaded numerous anti-trans videos to YouTube with titles including, “There is no such thing as a lesbian with a penis,” “Gender is NOT a social construct,” and “Non binary bullshit.”

Berns has also called for people to stop using the term TERF (trans exclusionary radical feminist), saying it is an attack on free speech.

Berns is a hero. You regular readers here got to know about her well before her videos made her famous. I wrote about her back in October 2015 when she was running in an Edinburgh University Student Association election and people were calling her “whorephobic” for the usual backassward reason. We chatted a lot; I think she’s brilliant. These days she’s dealing with a lethal brain tumor, so Pink News could have decided not to throw any mud on her, but no, of course not, it wouldn’t do to miss a chance to try to punish her some more.

Rowling’s following of the account was discovered by pro-transgender account Trans Advocate, who tweeted a screenshot and noted that Rowling had followed Berns during Pride month.

“Discovered” – as if it were a Mayan temple or how to cure brain tumors. Congratulations to Trans Advocate for searching out who follows whom in order to summon wrongdoers before the Inquisition.

The discovery was met with disappointment from many of Rowling’s fans, who say they cannot support the Harry Potter franchise if she shares Berns’ stance on transgender people.

I don’t think she’ll be giving any refunds.

PinkNews reached out to Rowling’s representatives for comment, and were told: “J.K. Rowling won’t be commenting. However, we know she follows on Twitter a wide range of people she finds interesting or thought-provoking.”

So fuck off and mind your own business you creepy little wannabe cops.

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