They had it coming

Remember the charming Peyton Rose, who wants to see “TERFs” punched in the throat? Trans Pride Scotland issued a statement on Rose’s ugly threats:

We at Trans Pride Scotland were today asked to comment on the activity surrounding a tweet made by one of our performers, Payton Rose. In our statement, we made clear that we have a policy against violence and harassment at our events, and while that remains true, we feel some clarity is needed after today’s press releases.

We believe that Payton has been unfairly represented by her detractors and the press, especially those who have a history of transphobic activity. While her tweet was certainly inflammatory and may have caused concern for many people, we stand by her response that is was a “tongue in cheek” comment, made in a state of vulnerability and stress and in self defence.

See this is, among other things, one of the ways the conditioning comes into play. We see all those “hers” and we are conditioned into thinking of Peyton Rose (of the pretty flower name) as vulnerable in the sense women are vulnerable. But Peyton Rose is a trans woman and so doesn’t have a vulnerable female body. Peyton Rose has the kind of body that is a threat to people who do have vulnerable female bodies…but the wording has done its bit to erase that from our unconscious minds.

The world is not kind to trans people, especially trans women.

Same again. Really? The world is more unkind to trans women than to trans men?

Groups like For Women Scotland and A Women’s Place and activists who share their values consider themselves allies to the trans community, but nothing could be further from the truth. These groups continue to spread the rhetoric that we are nothing more than dangerous men, that trans kids don’t exist, and that our rights to legal recognition should be undone.

But it’s not rhetoric. Trans women are men and as such have the potential to be dangerous to women, which is not something women should be bullied into forgetting or trying to ignore. When a man talks about throat punching women, it’s not fair to tell women to shrug it off or even feel guilty over it. But Trans Pride Scotland does just that.

Payton has not been removed from Trans Pride Scotland. After lengthy discussion with our committee, she has taken the decision to withdraw for her own safety, as we were becoming concerned at the level of harassment she was recieving on and offline. This includes some anti-trans activists finding her address, her deadname and pictures of her pre-transition. This is transphobic abuse and is a clear indicator that these people do not care about her wellbeing or her comments, but instead have used her in an attempt to discredit and undermine our movement as a whole, and we now believe that we have a duty as a community to come together at this time in solidarity, and protect one of our own from ongoing hate.

Our march and event is continuing. We invite all trans people and true allies to attend and join with us in protest and celebration of 50 years of activism since the Stonewall riots, where trans women of colour were at the vanguard of the movement that brought us here today. We hope to see you in Dundee on the 30th.

In love and solidarity,

Trans Pride Scotland

Never mind Peyton Rose’s fantasy about throat punching women, because those women deserve it. In love and solidarity, Trans Pride Scotland.

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