They’ve seen YOU silence women

@Girlguiding tweeted:

1 in 3 girls told us they don’t want to be leaders, as women who speak out are harassed. The women standing in the election are doing so despite the abuse female MPs receive. We need a world where girls feel confident – and safe – using their voices.

Linking to a Guardian article headlined “‘I’m not going to be bullied into silence.’ The women defying abuse to stand as MPs.”

Hmm. Bullied into silence, eh. A world where girls feel safe using their voices, eh. Another Guardian article, this one from last year:

The Girl Guides have spoken out against claims they are putting girls at risk by introducing a policy to allow transgender people to join the organisation.

The policy has been criticised by some of the group’s 500,000 members, with two leaders having their membership withdrawn after they publicly objected to it.


Replies on Twitter were sharp.

Just here for the ratio. You utter utter hypocrites.

Oh so now you know the difference between male and female

You are hypocrites. When women have spoken out about the need to protect women and girls by maintaining single-sex spaces, you are part of the chorus against them. You are helping teach girls not to stand up for their rights.

Have you considered that by eroding their boundaries & telling them they can’t say no to having a male in their space you’re the ones disempowering them?? They’ve seen YOU silence women who spoke out about it.

I actually cannot believe you had the gall to post this. Ex leader here.

Same feeling. Also ex leader.

The only people feeling confident & safe using their voices in @Girlguiding have penises. Girls have been told they don’t matter. ‍♀️

Nothing boosts a little girl’s confidence like being forced to sleep and shower with biological boys or stay at home. So empowering.

Teaching girls that they must not believe what they know to be true and removing their boundaries in favour of males, does nothing to encourage or prepare them for leadership.

I don’t send my daughters to Guides, although I went, because you have proved yourself incapable of demonstrating leadership on the matter of what a girl is, or can be, and because they will not join an organisation that doesn’t safeguard properly.

I also went to Guides but my daughter will not be for this reason

Using their voices.

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