Trump continues to explain why he is more elite

Daniel Dale fact-checks Trumps “we love our Hispanics” rally:

“We’re independent. We’re independent as we want. And we are now a net exporter of energy,” Trump says, none of which is true. (The Energy Information Administration predicts the US will become a net exporter next year.)

Trump repeats his usual highly inaccurate description of the Green New Deal, saying, among other baseless things, that people will be limited to one car and not allowed to drive more than 162 miles.

Sir Alert: Trump says foreign leaders always come in and say, “Sir, I’d like to congratulate you on what you’ve done with the economy…a model for the entire world. They all say it.”

The Sir thing makes me cringe every damn time. It’s SO infantile!

Trump says that he can’t say this under the Me Too movement, but everyone is looking much better than they did three years ago, “including the men.”

Trump, making a pitch to Hispanics, says that Hispanics “want the wall.” National polling of Hispanics shows strong-majority opposition to the wall.

Multi-Sir Sir Alert: Trump says his advisers told him not to help Dan Bishop, saying, “sir, don’t get involved in that race, sir. You can’t come back from 17 points, sir.” Bishop was not down 17.

There were at least six sirs in that story. Even one sir is a red flag. A multi-sir story has a negative-percent chance of being true.

A multi-sir story sucks truth out of adjacent stories.

Trump repeats his “$40 million” figure for the Mueller investigation. The final tab was $32 million, and the government is getting about $17 million from Paul Manafort as a result of his convictions.

“We got Choice for the vets. Choice. Everybody said it was impossible,” Trump says of the program created in a Bernie Sanders-John McCain bill signed into law by Barack Obama in 2014.

Trump is adding to his Sir story about Mattis, saying Mattis told him, “Sir, we have very little ammunition.” He says Mattis actually said it was “less” than “very little,” then claims that Mattis actually said “We have very little slash NO ammunition.”

Very little slash no, said no one EVER.

Trump on Steve Cortes: “He happens to be Hispanic, but I’ve never quite figured it out, because he looks more like a WASP than I do, so I haven’t figured that one out.”

Trump repeats his lie that China is having its worst economic year in 57 years, though he knows it’s 27 years. He has decided to keep adding additional years; he’s gone all the way up to 61 before pulling it back a bit.

“China is eating the tariffs…they’re eating the tariffs.” Americans are paying the tariffs.

Trump says he called Warren “Pocahontas” “too early,” but don’t worry, he’s bringing it back.

“Frankly, unions love it. Labor loves it,” Trump says of the USMCA, which is generally opposed by the labor movement in its current form.

“Frankly” is another tell. “Frankly, what I’m about to say is a lie.”

Trump tells his usual story about how “we” have better houses and make more money than the so-called Washington Elite. “Why are they elite,” he complains, saying “I’ve always taken offense…I’m more elite than them.” The crowd is pretty quiet for much of this.

Trump continues to explain why he is more elite than the elite, saying: “If we go by the old standards: better houses, better schools, made MUCH more money, lived better…”

Lived better? I think not. He means played more golf and ate more ice cream, but that’s not everyone’s idea of living better. The “better houses” are partly ruined with all the trashy gold plating. The better schools – as John McWhorter put it crisply in a cable news conversation, “and learned nothing from them.” Money isn’t all there is to being “elite.”

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