Ugly provocation

Jolyon Maugham again. Sigh.

James Kirkup tweeted his Spectator piece yesterday:

A ‘transphobic’ crime wave has hit Oxford: stickers so offensive the police refuse to describe them. (The stickers say “Women don’t have penises” and “Woman = adult human female”)

Maugham replied:

Surely you can see what an ugly and destructive provocation that is?

Ah yes; women saying women are women is so ugly and destructive. How dare we.

Jane Clare Jones:

Surely you can see that female people have the right to their own ontological, legal and political category and have a right to defend that category from colonization. Oh no of course you can’t. You just expect us to be good compliant little girls and hand our existence away.

Ask yourself what on earth is going on that the dictionary definition of woman can even be considered a ‘provocation.’ Because asserting that a word means what it means could only be provocative if someone else was trying to change that meaning for their own ends couldn’t it?

Maugham of course paid no attention, and simply blocked people who disputed him. Same old same old.

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