World upside down

Guys who identify as women reeeeeeeeeeally need to stop saying this.

From the Telegraph:

Author David Thomas still lives as a man, but has begun the male-to-female gender transition that will eventually result in becoming a woman. This week he tackles the controversial issue of transwomen using female-only toilets

You know how parents tell children who are scared by spiders, ‘It’s much more frightened of you than you are of it’? Well, the same thing applies to transwomen in female-only toilets. However frightened women may be by our presence, we are way, way more petrified by having to be there.



Men don’t get to say that.

First of all he doesn’t and can’t even know that.

Second there really is such a thing as men assaulting women in isolated places, including such places as female-only toilets.

Third look at yourself. If you have a male body then women have more to fear from you than you do from them. You don’t get to flip that around just because you have a fashionable idea that you “identify as” a woman. Identifying as a woman doesn’t give you the skeleton and musculature and lungs and heart of a woman.

Fourth look at the analogy. Children and spiders. Children really can squash spiders with one quick smack. The same is not true of women with regard to men. The analogy is fucking ridiculous and it just betrays how maddeningly narcissistically indifferent too many men are to the real risks that women have to deal with.

See also: this astounding comment at Daily Nous:

JT ·

What’s more, in making the empirical claim the GC crowd also never seems to want to acknowledge the very well documented violence that transwomen often face when forced to use men’s bathrooms, locker rooms, etc. The fact is that it is way more dangerous to be trans than it is to be a ciswoman. Conveniently, this inconvenient fact is never really acknowledge or discussed by the trans-exclusionary crowd.

Right. Ciswomen never face violence.

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