Yes but if you switch the labels that changes everything

Once in awhile Twitter will show me completely random tweets, from people I don’t follow and don’t want to follow, so occasionally I see a wack tweet I didn’t even go looking for. Like:

Oh yeah, it’s only conservatives who dispute the claim that men can get pregnant. Definitely.

So I followed the link.

The subhead:

Pregnancy is still believed to be something only a woman will experience, but trans men and non-binary people can and do get pregnant too

Language games. Stupid language games. Pregnancy isn’t believed to be a woman-only thing, it simply is a woman-only thing. The gotcha has no got. Yes of course trans men i.e. women who call themselves men can get pregnant too, because they are women. Yes of course “non-binary people” can get pregnant if they are women. “Trans men” and “non-binary people” are just labels, and they don’t change the underlying reality. The fact that people have come up with new labels such as “trans men” and “non-binary people” does not change mammalian biology.

The article is not an improvement on the subhead.

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