Yes, Ivanka is worse; and?

Kate Aronoff says what I’ve been saying:

The standard lines from Democrats about Hunter Biden and his business dealings in China and Ukraine have been consistent: Donald Trump has abused the office of the president by asking foreign leaders to investigate Biden’s son, and there is absolutely no proof that either Joe or Hunter Biden have done anything to break the law. Any questionable dealings by Biden’s son also pale in comparison to ethical breaches on the part of Ivanka, Eric or Donald Trump Jr, who have routinely blurred the lines between the extended Trump Organization – the family’s business empire –and their presence in the White House.

This is all true, and arguably these are the right lines vis-a-vis the long overdue impeachment proceedings. What’s harder to shake is the fact that Hunter Biden’s career is undeniably shady in the way that only the son of a longtime Washington insider could muster, failing upwards into positions of influence and power on the merits of his last name.

And that matters. Saying that Ivanka and Don Junior are worse is hardly an all clear. Hunter Biden failed upwards into a 50 grand a month seat on the board of a Ukrainian company because he’s Joe Biden’s son. We don’t need that. The fact that he was Obama’s VP is nowhere near reason enough to cling to him despite the shady doings.

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