Republican leaders were visibly annoyed by Ivanka’s presence

This is a small thing, and yet…it’s so infuriating.

There was an important White House meeting today with Congressional leaders to discuss raising the debt ceiling. (Trump, probably confused, did what Pelosi and Schumer wanted instead of what Ryan and McConnell wanted. The latter two are not best pleased. Trump was probably composing a tweet at the time and lost track of which party was which.) It was serious grownup government business.

Another aide briefed on the meeting said that toward its conclusion, Ivanka Trump entered the room to say hello to the leaders and the discussion veered off-track. “Republican leaders were visibly annoyed by Ivanka’s presence,” the aide said. (A Ryan spokeswoman replied: “That’s not true.”)

To say hello for god’s sake.

You know, Amy Carter and Chelsea Clinton were young girls when their fathers were president. I don’t recall ever hearing that they bounced into meetings with Congressional leaders “to say hello to the leaders.” Malia and Sasha Obama were even younger: ten and six at the start. Again, as far as I know, they understood that they weren’t supposed to drop in to say hello to Daddy’s friends the senators and representatives. Yet here is Princess Ivanka age 35 and she feels entitled to sit in for Daddy at a meeting of global heads of state and to interrupt government business to fucking say hello?

This isn’t cute.

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