You can litigate for literally decades and…

Lawyers agree: this is not your average criminal conspiracy.

Neal Katyal:

You can litigate for literally decades (as I have) and never see something in writing as damning as this and the other texts released last night. Unbelievable.

George Conway:

Same. And in my 31 years of practice, I’ve been involved in litigations in which, In the aggregate, tens of millions of documents were produced.

Elizabeth McLaughlin:

I said the same thing last night. Even the most blatant antitrust and securities fraud cases i litigated for 15 years never had evidence like this.

I have to wonder exactly how vindicated Andrew McCabe is feeling right now.

I also wonder if Barr’s Xmas party at Trump’s hotel is still on the calendar.

New news is that a Republican senator told the Wall Street Journal that Sondland (the hack ambassador) told him (the senator) that the Ukraine thing was a quid pro quo.

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