You must consult Head Office first

You may not leave, you may not choose which people you consider allies, you may not distinguish among reasons or categories, you may not form new organizations, you may not do anything except what you’re told.

@GrahamSmith_ lays out the rules:

The alliance is a deliberate attempt to marginalise and exclude trans people. Trans people have always been part of the lgbt community and to try to exclude them is clearly motivated by transphobia.

Notice the tautology. “Trans people have always been part of the lesbian gay bisexual trans community” – well no shit, Sherlock, it’s right there in the name. But that doesn’t mean people can’t notice that that “community” is actually somewhat randomly assembled, because sexual orientation is not the same as gender identity. It doesn’t mean people can’t decide they would like to form a group (and maybe a community) solely around sexual orientation (the non-conforming kind). It doesn’t mean people need Graham Smith’s permission to do that. Same-sex attracted people are not required to caucus with trans people any more than they are required to caucus with straight people.

Forming a group / community / alliance of LGB people is not marginalizing or excluding trans people unless you think any kind of group / community / alliance marginalizes and excludes anyone who isn’t part of the group / community / alliance.

But another advice-giver took it even further:

There is clearly no good faith present in an organisation that forms a group and specifically signals in its name it does not include Trans people. Just a sickening example of ‘othering’ that we can live without.

Nobody can form a group that doesn’t include trans people. Nobody. Not knitters, not Game of Thrones fans, not socialists, not libertarians, not birdwatchers, not quilters, not foodies, not voting rights activists, nobody.

Make a note of it.

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