A fair summation?

Plot twist in that story Monday about the commenter at The Freethinker who said I’m a Trump supporter. The first twist was haha it turned out she was joking (Susan Montgomery is her handle) and second twist was oh oops she wasn’t joking. The fact that the column she was commenting on, the column I wrote, is intensely hostile to Trump is irrelevant because:


Wut? That’s not my cartoon, the cartoon isn’t about me, how does that cartoon explain that my hostility to Trump is actually support of Trump?

Here’s how:

I think it’s a fair summation of Benson’s attitudes over the years as she’s sought to replace Camille Paglia as the Alt-Right’s Feminist organ-grinder monkey.

Do you have evidence to the contrary or are you sticking with the “NUH-UHH! You’re the real fascist!” that alleged freethinkers are justly famous for?

Evidence to the contrary? Well there’s the column she’s commenting on – and the fact that I said so. If I were a Trump supporter I would be supporting Trump, not writing columns about how chaotic his thinking is. And is there any evidence for her claim? Which I think is a good bit more outlandish than the claim that I am not a Trump supporter (given the several million not friendly to Trump posts I’ve bored you all with). No, there isn’t.

With exquisite politeness, she replied:

And, with your sterling reputation of honesty and integrity, why would I doubt your word?

On a completely unrelated matter, have you decided whether to advocate voting for the Green Party or for sitting out the upcoming election? After all, you’d never support Trump…

One of those “Do I know you??” moments. Why the fuck is this person being so grossly insulting when I’ve never heard of her before?

So I hied me to Google and found that she comments at Pharyngula, and that she has a blog, and that she’s a trans woman.

I asked him why he was calling me a liar.

Because I’m honest.

Anyway, I’m sure you have another Heritage Foundation do to get to, so I’ll let you get on with “not supporting Trump”.

EDIT: And I just had the worst incidence of l’esprit d’escalier by not saying “I’m a freethinker”. Ah, the road not taken…

So he’s an angry guy who likes to think of himself as a woman and really likes to let his misogyny loose on women who don’t believe men turn into women by saying so. And I remain what I say I am: not a Trump supporter, not part of the Heritage Foundation, not Alt-Right, not a Camille Paglia wannabe.

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