A light moment

Oh. Well ok then.

Yes well you can see how that would be frustrating, having the press focus on a highly contagious virus that has killed 122,000 Americans in the past four months when it could be focusing on the awesomeness of

Wait a minute. He’s frustrated because the press is focusing on a lethal disease that is burning through the population when it should be focusing on him? He’s FRUSTRATED?

Tells you almost all you need to know, doesn’t it. This is supposed to be the grown-up, less frivolous and callous explanation of Trump’s horrible determination to hide the fatality stats, and that’s the best they can do? He’s pissed off because the press is not all about him?

The less grown-up explanation is even worse.

Tongue in cheek, cool, just a joke, everybody likes jokes, Trump’s a funny guy

But what’s funny about a lethal pandemic?

Why would a president be making funny about a virus that has killed 122 thousand of us so far and will go on to kill a lot more? I’m not seeing the humor.

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