An alarming scenario ahead

It turns out it helps to know what you’re doing.

With coronavirus deaths in the U.S. rapidly approaching 15,000, we are now learning that the federal government’s national stockpile of medical supplies is almost depleted. Meanwhile, the failure to ramp up testing to the needed degree remains a “signature failure,” as the New York Times puts it.

One person who is well positioned to shed light on what all this means is Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington state. His state was an initial epicenter, but there are signs the curve is flattening, which means Inslee both has extensive experience of how federal failures hampered the response and is already contemplating what comes next.

Signs the curve is flattening. Go us.

In an interview, Inslee, a Democrat, shared fresh details on how President Trump’s lack of “urgency” is directly contributing to equipment shortages hobbling response efforts — and hinted at an alarming scenario ahead.

Gathering up the swabs necessary for testing and similar details were delayed for weeks because Trump was interposing his useless ass between them and us.

Inslee asked one CEO if her company could do double shifts to increase production of the transport medium for tests.

“She said, ‘Well, maybe — we have to find a way to finance that,’” Inslee told me. This surprised him, because it seems like something the federal government should already be communicating with such manufacturers about.

“I would have thought the federal government would have talked to every single manufacturer in the nation who either makes this, or could make this, by this point, and said, ‘Look, we’re going to finance a double shift,’” Inslee told me. “That hasn’t happened.”

Look, Trump just doesn’t have time, ok? He’s got to devote all those hours every day to the press briefing rally, and the rest of the hours are hardly enough to keep up with Fox-watching and tweeting.

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