Originally intended

News from Brooklyn:

A group of non-binary political candidates sued the Brooklyn Democratic Party and the city’s Board of Elections because their ballot petitions only allowed for male or female gender designations, demanding the party drop gender parity rules originally intended to bring more women into the political sphere.

So the thinking is that indulging the frivolous bullshit of calling oneself “non-binary” is actually more important than bringing more women into politics. That takes some staggering level of self-involvement.

News flash: “non-binary” doesn’t matter. It’s not 1950. Just don’t wear the ruffled skirts and lipstick, and get on with your life. Nobody cares whether you’re “binary” or not.

One plaintiff said he was disappointed by the lack of recognition for non-binary identities in the political process.

He? So the plaintiff isn’t non-binary?

In any case – this is what I’m saying. The hell with “recognition for non-binary identities in the political process.” The political process isn’t about “recognizing” every silly fad-identity teenagers come up with, nor should it be.

“For me as a trans person trying to engage with local politics, it was disheartening that there were only two options at county level. You have to declare that you’re male or female,” said Derek Gaskill, who identifies as trans masculine. 

Me me me me, says narcissistic goon Derek Gaskill who thinks his her their fantasies are more important than political realities.

Gaskill and his fellow plaintiffs — who are vying to represent sections of Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Bedford-Stuyvesant — all filled out petitions in March with signatures from local voters to run for county committee in the June and November elections. However, they left the gender field blank because the sheets only had the options of male or female. 

They identify across a spectrum of gender non-conforming identities, including non-binary, genderfluid, genderqueer, or transgender, according to the lawsuit, which was organized by the reform-oriented club New Kings Democrats.

This isn’t reform, though, it’s reaction. It’s a campaign to take rights away from women.

The plaintiffs argue that the Kings County Democratic County Committee must strike down its gender parity rules, based off of state election law, which mandate that each county election district and each state assembly district must have a certain number of men and women representing the areas. For example, each assembly district has to be represented by one male and one female district leader.

While these rules were originally intended to encourage more women to join the historically male-dominated political sphere, they further the exclusion of non-binary people, according to Gaskill. 

They still are intended to make it possible for more women to join the historically male-dominated political sphere, and that goal is far more important than the wounded vanity of Gaskill and her his their self-obsessed friends.

“I think it’s important to discuss and honor the progress that was made with these rules, but it’s equally important to remember that a lot of women’s rights movements have excluded trans people,” he said. 

No, it isn’t; it is not more important. And look what this fucking fool is saying: that “trans people” (who are just women and men who claim to be men and women) matter more than women. This ff is saying that women’s rights movements have excluded trans people while not saying that centuries upon centuries of male domination have excluded trans people. Somehow it’s all the fault of women’s rights, while patriarchy gets to run away laughing.

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