Bullying the journalist’s mother

Meanwhile the ordinary kind of oppression and intimidation continues as if pandemics were not a thing. Tasneem Khalil reports:

Earlier today (April 9) three men from the DGFI (Bangladeshi military intelligence agency) visited my mother Nazneen Khalil at her home in Sylhet. They questioned her about her private life before asking her to talk to me regarding my work as a journalist which in their view “tarnishes the image of the country”. In response, my mother told them that she is not responsible in any way for what I — her adult son — write and how that is interpreted by government agencies. She also pointed out to them that their visit amounts to harassment of a senior citizen. They told her if people from any other agency visit her next time, their approach can be different and not nice. The men left after talking to her for about 15 minutes. This attempted bullying is beyond deplorable and unacceptable. Bangladesh government must stop such harassment and afford my mother all necessary protection.

/Tasneem Khalil

Who does more to “tarnish the image” of Bangladesh, Tasneem or the Bangladeshi military intelligence agency?

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