Well if it’s good enough for Breitbart…

About that game-changing drug combo

Trump has been a cheerleader for the drug hydroxychloroquine, pointing in a tweet and in person to a French study as evidence that one particular drug combination might be “one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine.”

And ranting and raving about it every chance he gets, in defiance of the advice of all the people who know something about it, as if he were a toddler saying there is too SO a monster in the garden.

But now the medical society that published that French research has issued a statement saying the study “does not meet the Society’s expected standard.”

Dr. Kevin Tracey, president and CEO of the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research in New York City, gave an even more pointed assessment of the French research.

“The study was a complete failure,” he said. “It was pathetic,” added Art Caplan, head of the division of medical ethics at the New York University School of Medicine.

Therefore, of course, Trump will talk it up even more often and louder.

How did Trump get such a bug up his ass about it?

On March 16, Musk, the Tesla CEO, tweeted that it “maybe worth considering chloroquine for C19.”… Two days later, Breitbart and The Blaze wrote glowing articles about chloroquine.

Ah, that’s how. It’s the Right-wing Drug of Choice. Trump talked it up the next day.

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