A particular pattern

JL at the Glinner Update reports on another successful “REMOVE THAT ARTICLE!!!” campaign.

On Friday, leading psychology journal, Psychology Today, published an article by one of its regular contributors, award-winning journalist and documentary maker, Tina Traster. It was called “Trans Kids May Reject Family, Not the Other Way Around”.

Parents responded to the article with gratitude and by sharing their own experiences, stories which reflect just what Traster has written about.


… the voices of concerned parents were drowned out by a barrage of abuse from trans rights activists in what looked like a co-ordinated campaign to get the article shut down. These comments all seemed to follow a particular pattern ie the article is irresponsible, the author is transphobic, parents are transphobic…

So, hours later, Psychology Today pulled the article, saying it was “more problematic than needed.” Oh really? Who decides such questions? Who measures the quantity of problematicality, and the amount of needed? Besides shouty incognito loons on Twitter?

Luckily, Transgender Trend have a far sturdier backbone and are happy to host this important piece on their site.

Because the safety and wellbeing of children depends on having this discussion.

Psychology Today has a much bigger audience though.

But never mind, the kids are fine with all this, and they must know better.

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