A simple way

It may be “simple,” in a sense, but as for showing you’re “inclusive” of trans and non-binary people…even if it’s true that “using pronouns” and “asking about pronouns” is a way of doing that, what about the fact that it’s also a way of showing you’re not “inclusive” of everyone else? What about the fact that it’s alienating to most people to force them to pretend that they chose their own sex? What about the fact that most people just do not believe the goofy fairy tale that physical sex is unreal and easy to switch while magic switchable GeNder is real and absolute and mandatory? What about the fact that most women just do not want to step back and let men do all the talking about what it is to be a woman? What about colonization? What about appropriation? What about punching down? What about respecting truth and reality?

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