A simple way to show respect

They cannot be serious.

Using someone’s preferred pronoun is a simple way to show respect…so the driver should say “Where do them want to go?”

Ask the passenger what their pronoun is. Do not assume someone’s pronoun because of their appearance or name on the app. If you do not want to ask, you can ask what they prefer to be called –

So if you do not want to ask, ask. Mkay.

Introduce yourself and share your pronouns.

What planet are these people on? A taxi trip isn’t a long-term relationship, it’s a transaction in which A drives B to point C for $X.xx. That’s it. The pronouns involved are I/we, and you. The end. Third person pronouns don’t come into it. Even if the precious passenger with the lemonade hair and the lemur-skin boots does have a bespoke pronoun, there is not going to be any occasion to use it for that transaction.

And even if there were…again, it’s a short-lived relationship, and it really doesn’t need to be anxiously hand-clutchingly inclooosiv in that way. It doesn’t. Even if the driver does use a “wrong” pronoun for some weird reason…it doesn’t matter. Passenger can deal with it.

These poor pathetic narcissistic dweebs must be horribly jealous of us older dweebs who lived in the distant past when we had to struggle to get basic respect for women and black people. They must feel left out of a giant party, and the only way they can think of to have their own party is to run around screeching about their pronouns.

But that’s ok. Trump is destroying everything, the Tories will destroy whatever’s left, the Arctic is melting, Australia is on fire – but please please please do tell us more about your Special Pronouns.

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