And really have that dialogue

Oh for heaven’s SAKE.

Yes, we know, we could tell. He was “digesting the information” that disinfectants can remove a virus from hard surfaces, and telling us all about it the way a toddler tells us all about what she just learned. It’s sweet when a toddler does it, it’s not sweet at all when a 73-year-old criminal who is president of the US does it.

He’s way too old and way too in a responsible job that he himself sought to be just learning basic facts of that kind, let alone babbling nonsense at us in public about what he just learned, let alone babbling nonsense of the type “it would be a good idea for everyone to drink Lysol to get the virus out.”

Of course he had just learned it. Of course he was vomiting out every stupid thought about it that floated through the mush inside his skull. We know all that. None of that makes it okay.

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