Barbie Norman Bates

I started seeing stories on this about a week ago, and it was so…horror-movie like and gruesome I wasn’t sure what to do with it so decided to wait and see. New developments mean that waiting is over. Meet “Barbie Kardashian”:

Limerick, Munster. A teenager who was “born a male but identifies as a female” is facing four counts of making threats to kill or cause serious harm. The accused, who has demonstrated a pattern of criminal and extreme physical and sexual violence towards women, is eager to be held in female custody while awaiting trial.

So that he can have an abundance of new female victims. Well surely no one will go along with that plan.

Gardaí, the national police service of the Republic of Ireland, says 18-year-old Barbie Kardashian made threats of violence against two individuals in July, August and September of this year.

The youth was arrested on the night of Thursday, September 24, and has been remanded into custody.

Michèle Finan, solicitor for Mr Kardashian, insists her client would be “exceptionally vulnerable in a prison setting,” and is “very anxious she be detained in a prison facility for females, as she identifies as a female.” The solicitor requested that her client’s “certificate of gender recognition” be submitted to Limerick District Court, which is hearing the case.

Wait. Wait. Seriously, slow down, wait. WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER WOMEN?

This deeply disturbed kid has a history of violently attacking women so he should not be detained in a facility for women. How is that not blindingly obvious?

And when I say “violently” I’m not messing around.

In 2012, the boy was made subject to a care order after violently attacking his own mother. The mother had fled to a women’s refuge with her eight-year-old son in 2010 to escape his abusive father. Staff at the refuge expressed concern about the child’s violence toward his mother. Mother and son moved into a rented accommodation after a year and a half, until he carried out the particularly brutal attack on his mother at age 10. The child was then placed into care.

He continued sharing plans to kill his mother, including a scheme detailed to an aftercare manager that involved obtaining his mother’s new address and gaining entry to the home. At the advice of gardaí, the mother recently fled to a different part of the country to ensure safety from her son.

This is one time I’m giving a content warning. The next paragraph is the main reason I hesitated to post about this at all.

On May 1 of last year, the 17-year-old was a backseat passenger in a car when, suddenly and without provocation, he lunged forward and dug his nails into the eyes of the female care worker driving the vehicle. The teen boy “wrapped her legs around the victim’s head and chest, refusing to let go, and bit the care worker on the hand” while threatening to kill her. The care worker was left with torn eyelids. “Clumps” of hair had been ripped from her scalp. The woman had to be hospitalized.

But never mind all that – he wants to be housed with the women, so the kindly officials gave him what he wants.

A TEENAGER WAS today remanded in continuing custody on charges of making threats to kill two people.

Barbie Kardashian, (18), of no fixed abode, appeared before Limerick District Court, via video-link from the women’s section of Limerick Prison.

They did it. They went ahead and did it.

There’s a mug shot.

Barbie Kardashian

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