Brenda is a feminist

There’s another one of those Open Letters, this one from “the LGBTQ+ community” of Ireland.

For decades the transgender community has advocated, marched, and fought for equality, and inclusion. This fight has never once wavered in supporting movements that garner equality for all marginalised communities.

Well that’s a lie. “The trans community” doesn’t advocate or fight for all marginalized communities, it advocates and fights for its own. Individual trans people may have joined in, but the “community” has not, and it has gone way out of its way to shit on women.

Our work, our fight, our campaigns, have all been underscored by two things, intersectionality and solidarity. The transgender community has always worked in advancing the equal rights and acceptance of all without discrimination. 

Not true. Self-flattering bullshit.

For decades members of the transgender community marched in Pride, stood for women’s equality, all while our rights were left off the table.

Not true.

Even now, transgender people continue to work for reforms that will increase the rights of gay and lesbian parents in surrogacy and adoption. Never have transgender people sought to diminish the rights, or acceptance of others.


Now, unfortunately, we see a rise in discriminatory organisations and vocal transgender exclusionary activists using Twitter and divisive antics to attempt to a drive a wedge in queer communities between transgender people and fracture our support from feminists. For our decades of solidarity, some seek to repay our community with a call for division based on falsities and bigotry. Let us say unequivocally that the statements of newly launched organisations that seek to defend biology or fight gender identity and expression do not represent the wider LGBTI+ community nor feminists in Ireland. More importantly, they are not organisations at all, they have no governance, no accountability, and are simply Twitter accounts. Further, they are not supported by the wider Irish community. Ireland has dealt with these pseudo-feminists before…

That’s more like it – that’s the real attitude to feminism.

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