Supernatural confidence

Emma Kelly in the Independent (Ireland):

LGB (Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual) Alliance Ireland launched a Twitter account, claiming to fight for the rights of lesbian, gay and bisexual people in Ireland. For the casual social media user, this may seem pretty great. Of course we need people continuing the fight for lesbians, gay men and bisexuals. However, note that the T for transgender has been dropped.

What does that mean, “dropped”? Is there some law that says the T must always be yoked to the L and G? No there is not. Lesbians and gay men are allowed to talk about lesbian and gay issues; they are not required to include trans people whenever they do so. Also: take careful note: the two are not the same. In some ways they’re contradictory. Trans dogma as it is currently promulgated is often in tension with lesbian and gay rights – like for instance when it insists that attraction should be to “gender identity” rather than to sexed bodies.

The LGB Alliance Ireland, an offshoot of the LGB Alliance founded in the UK in 2019, wants to “draw a line against the imposition of gender identity theory, which prioritises subjective ‘gender’ over biological sex”, which they believe “undermines the rights of people whose sexual orientation is towards others of the same sex”.

What I’m saying. Straight women don’t necessarily want to have sex with trans men, and lesbians don’t necessarily want to have sex with trans women. None of us should be bullied for it.

Allegations of transphobia are batted away when someone tweets ‘men aren’t women’ or that trans women shouldn’t have access to women’s-only spaces, under the guise of wanting trans people to have rights, but for their rights not to infringe on women’s rights, or that they don’t want children being forced to transition.

Well, I’m here to inform you – trans women are women. Trans men are men. A trans woman being treated as the woman she is does not infringe on my rights as a cisgender woman (that is, I was assigned as female at birth and identify as such) or a queer woman.

She can “inform” us all she likes, but that doesn’t make her claims true. Trans women are in fact not women, but men who identify as women. It’s quite simple, and can’t be vanished out of existence by a mere “are.”

A trans woman being granted refuge in a women’s-only space is not of harm to cisgender women. 

Unless it is.

Where these smug twerps get their confidence is beyond me. I guess Emma Kelly is confident enough that she’ll never need refuge in a women-only space to make such a fatuously sweeping claim, but lots of women don’t have that luxury. Emma Kelly doesn’t know that all trans women are safe around women, nor does she know that men won’t pretend to be trans for the sake of getting into women-only spaces. She can’t know that. Women’s safety isn’t hers to give away in that breezy fashion.

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