WHY lord WHY


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Tiffany @catgirlsister asks

WHY are cis lesbians so transphobic

and adds

pls tell me I won’t be alone forever

Maybe it’s mean to make fun of what Tiffany says…but then again women who are accused of being “transphobic” or “cis” or lesbians or all three are subject to quite a lot of meanness themselves, often set off by people like Tiffany saying things like the things Tiffany said in those tweets.

So I’ll point at what Tiffany says, and ask why Tiffany feels entitled to demand that lesbians do something to prevent him from being alone forever. Why is that lesbians’ job? Why is it lesbians’ fault that Tiffany is alone? Why isn’t Tiffany hooking up with other trans lesbians? Surely it can’t be because Tiffany is transphobic…can it?

A separate tweet:

“Tiffany” tried [to] walk into a lesbian support group but chickened out. Tiffany wants to cry. Tiffany is the real victim here, not the lesbians who just want some fucking space.

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Tiffany apparently thinks lesbians ought to welcome him as a lesbian without even looking at him as he walks in the door.

Honestly I think Tiffany would feel more at home around Trumpys than around lesbians.

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