Burn all the evidence

So now the Senate Republicans are trying to figure out how they can possibly ignore what Bolton wrote.

Republican sources thought Saturday they were confident that they had the votes to defeat a motion for additional witnesses and documents, leading to an acquittal vote by the end of the week.

Pause a moment to absorb that – the fact that Senators wanted (and of course still want) to block all witnesses and documents that would show Trump’s criminal effort to weaken Ukraine and thereby the US for the sake of his own political gain. The Republican Senators wanted and still want to hide all that from us, so that Trump can continue doing things like that, and more and worse. This isn’t a parking ticket we’re talking about here.

“I can’t begin to tell you how John Bolton’s testimony would ultimately play on a final decision but it’s relevant,” Romney told reporters Monday. “And therefore, I’d like to hear it.”

He’d like to hear it, as if it were some optional extra, like grated cheese on the salad.

GOP sources expect the Senate Republican leadership to reiterate to their conference the arguments they’ve been making for weeks: That seeking Bolton testimony would raise constitutional and executive privilege concerns — and argue that going through a protracted legal fight for his testimony would accomplish very little since Trump is expected to be acquitted anyway. One GOP aide told CNN Monday morning that Bolton news doesn’t change the Republicans’ underlying point — if you aren’t going to vote to remove him, why drag the process out with witnesses?

Excuse me? Their argument is that they are going to acquit him no matter what, and that’s why there’s no need for witnesses? They’re openly saying that even now that there’s stark testimony from a key official they refuse to pay any attention to it because they are going to acquit him no matter what? So I guess Trump could invited Putin to tea and hand him the keys to everything and still the Republicans would say they’re going to acquit him no matter what. Interesting.

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