Calling all bullies

Transwoman Dawn Ennis summons allies to bully the women who don’t want to include men in women’s sports:

Outsports has obtained the names of more than 300 women athletes who signed a letter sent to the Board of Governors of the National College Athletic Association last week, expressing their opposition to transgender inclusion.

No, not to “transgender inclusion”; to the inclusion of men in women’s sports. Include trans women by all means, but not competing against women.

The anti-trans group, Save Women’s Sports, collected the 309 names in the interest of pressuring the NCAA leadership ahead of its meeting this week.

The group is not anti-trans. It’s in the name – the group is pro-women’s sports.

In June, the NCAA announced it would consider what to do about that state’s new law, HB500, which bans trans student athletes from competing according to their authentic gender.

Because the issue is authentic sex, not “authentic gender,” which is meaningless. No doubt they do authentically think they think they think they feel like women, but their bodies remain the bodies of men, because thinking is not magic.

With hundreds of women supporting its effort, Save Women’s Sports sent its letter asking the NCAA for a “fair and level playing field” for women’s sports — coded language which means the group opposes trans women being allowed to compete with women who are cisgender…

Well now who is really using “coded language” here? Yes, the group does oppose trans women being allowed to compete against women, because trans women have male bodies. That’s not “coded,” it’s just the reality. It’s men who identify as women calling us “women who are cisgender” who are really using coded language, and reversing reality in the process. They’re appropriating the word “women” and then accusing us of being fakes. That takes a lot of gall…the kind of gall male people are encouraged to develop when it’s time to bully women.

Save Our Women’s Sports told Outsports in a tweet, “We don’t have anything to prove to you. The NCAA has the names and that is all that matters.”

And now we do, too, and it’s up to the athletes who signed the letter to answer for it.

Openly bullying. Your bristles are showing, Dawn!

Despite what some may say, this is not a witch-hunt. We oppose all violence, especially the significantly greater incidents of violent attacks on trans people, and murders. compared to the number of threats that cisgender opponents of trans inclusion have claimed and reported.

How about: compared to women? I think you’ll find that women are more the targets of male violence than men are the targets of female violence.

Ennis updated the post to add a tweet from Linda Blade, apparently thinking it makes Blade look bad. Delusion is a dangerous drug.

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