Cox by name

This guy continues to fascinate me in his cold-blooded outrageousness.

One person called him a “twunt” – just one, just one time. He says it’s all of us, and when challenged, refuses to admit.

I don’t love this “gender-crit” label either.

There. Like that. He gets one, we get a million, we point this out, he says he doesn’t think his complaint about his one and indifference to our million is unjust. Why doesn’t he think it’s unjust?

So one woman calling him a “twunt” one time is a deliberate strategy of intimidation? He’s a male barrister and she’s a female academic and he thinks she thinks he will be intimidated by being called a “twunt”? Puh-leeeeze.

Yesterday I asked him for examples of the threats. He wouldn’t oblige.

So that’s not very helpful.

I wasn’t the only one.

That’s all – just go through thousands of tweets looking for them. He’s not going to produce them because ……….??????

There it is again. He says threats; we say show us; he says read thousands of tweets to find them; we say we did, show us; he says you read all those???! He’s like a school bully.

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