Cramped quarters

Why does Trump want people to take hydroxychloroquine?

Why obsess about this one drug? Why not remdesivir, for which studies are showing consistent positive results and about which experts are actually excited? Or two new possibilities that show promise, both already approved by the FDA to treat worms and asthma? Or any of the 47 other FDA-approved drugs that a team of researchers screened and found to have strong action against the coronavirus (the results of which were published in Nature on April 30)? Granted, these screenings were done against the virus in petri dishes. But the only solid evidence that hydroxychloroquine works against the virus is from similar in vitro studies. On the other hand, none of these other studies are getting attention on Fox News and right-wing Twitter, which seems to be where Trump gets his medical information.

It’s the fallacy of name recognition combined with the extreme smallness of the space for new information in Trump’s brain. He fixated on the name at some point and the rest is froth – there is no rational explanation, there’s only Trump’s desolate wasteland of a mind.

One thing that is indisputable, based on information dating to World War II, is that these chloroquine-derived drugs are treacherous because they have a narrow therapeutic index — which means the dose needed for treatment is close to the toxic dose. This is why doctors use them so carefully.

Trump seems unable to grasp this basic concept. And he doesn’t seem interested in the dangers.

No; once again, it’s the tiny space for new information in his brain. He has room for ” hydroxywotsitsname good” and that’s it. Brain full up; next customer please.

What is the public to conclude now that Trump says he’s taking hydroxychloroquine? If the past is any indication, more people will decide to take it. But unlike Trump, most will do so without the benefit of an in-house doctor and 24-hour monitoring to check for side effects — such as blindness, kidney failure, suicidal thoughts and heart attacks. Trump never uses his bully pulpit to warn people about what they’re stepping into, should they take his medical advice. But he should. It’s the least he can do.

Yes but that would require understanding a little more about hydroxywhosis and as we know, understanding a little more about something is not in Trump’s skill set.

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