D&I in rugby

Funny…the Rugby Football Union has a page on Diversity and Inclusion, which shows that they do realize women exist and are not always included. The RFU says it wants to improve diversity and inclusion…or, as they call it, D&I.

The RFU has conducted research with over 4,400 people from the rugby community to understand attitudes and opinions to D&I in rugby and it has undertaken a detailed analysis of sport participation from Sport England Active Lives and YouGov data. The findings will inform areas of focus for D&I action planning in each part of the game. The results included: 

Despite growth of the women’s game and the most diverse England men’s team ever, compared to the overall England adult population, those who participate in rugby union are significantly less likely to be female, of a BAME ethnicity and of the lowest socio-economic group. 

Aaaaand…they’ll be even more less likely to be female now, because of this “we’re going to go right on letting trans women play on women’s teams” policy.

Brilliant joined-up thinking there.

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