Glasgow tragedy

Oh no, a 19-year-old was not allowed to order alcohol in a pub because the photo on xir id didn’t resemble xir. Tears ensued.

A transgender woman has spoken of her upset after she was refused service in a pub because staff did not think she looked like the person on her ID.

Savanna Galloway, 19, said she left Wetherspoons on Tuesday in tears after being told she would not be served.

She showed her passport to prove her age, but was told by two members of staff her picture did not resemble her.

Wetherspoons has issued the required groveling apology but has also said it still requires “‘a valid ID which resembles the person presenting it’ to be provided when proof of age is needed.” Because they could get a very stiff fine if they served alcohol to a 17-year-old.

The barman who came to deliver the drinks challenged Ms Galloway’s age and asked to see her ID.

She showed him her passport, but Ms Galloway said he told her: “That’s not you”.

He said her ID could not be accepted and sent for a manager, who agreed the passport was not acceptable.

Ms Galloway said she explained she was transgender, and even offered to remove her wig to show them what was underneath – as in the passport picture she had short hair.

But it was no use, and the poor little mite left the pub in tears. In tears.

It remains unclear what Wetherspoons could or should have done differently.

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