Good timing

So, this should go well.

New cases of the novel coronavirus in Oklahoma’s Tulsa County have nearly doubled in recent weeks, according to the latest data from the Tulsa Health Department. The county is home to the city of Tulsa, where President Donald Trump is scheduled to hold his next rally on June 19.

What do rallies feature? Huge crowds! All mashed together so that everyone can see how huge the crowd is!

Tulsa County reported a total of 263 new cases from June 5 to 11, a jump from 149 new cases reported from May 29 to June 4, a rise of over 76 percent.

The county’s seven-day rolling average of daily cases has been on a sharp increasing trend from June 1 to 11, the Tulsa Health Department reports.

But that’s okay. No doubt it will plummet in the next three days, as a courtesy to Trump.

Trump’s upcoming rally will be his first since the start of the outbreak. Large scale political rallies were paused in March due to the threat of spreading infection among large crowds.

But now that the threat is worse…he’s doing a rally. Thanks, Mister Sir.

Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum said in a statement to Newsweek that his office was in the process of confirming the details regarding Trump’s next rally. “Tulsans have managed one of the first successful reopenings in the nation,” Bynum said, “so we can only guess that may be the reason President Trump selected Tulsa as a rally site.”

How is he defining “successful” exactly?

Trump told reporters on Wednesday: “They’ve done a great job with COVID, as you know, in the state of Oklahoma.”

Well, no, Jethro, we don’t know they’ve done a great job.

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