Guest post: No need for God to play dumb

Originally a comment by Omar on Milk, eggs, and a hug from the god.

God is held to be omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient: everywhere, all-powerful and all-knowing. If you ask me, that trilogy is actually a bit of a swamp that God has created for himself and suddenly found himself in, and with consequences. If those consequences were unexpected, then we can forgive him: he is only human (or a human creation) after all. But if those consequences were expected, then unfortunately, God only has himself to blame.

God’s omniscience means not only that he knows your thoughts, but being omniscient, he knows them before you know them yourself. That means also, that God knows exactly what any given prayer will contain, before it even forms in the mind of the faithful believer who is about to pray it. So, on the face of it, there is no need for it to be prayed out loud for it to reach the awareness of God. The preacher and the separate members of the congregation only have to think their separate prayers inside their separate heads, and God will not only know in advance what each and every one will contain, he will know before those thinking them know.

The only reason praying needs to be done out loud is because the god it is addressed to is the congregation itself. The group is worshipping itself. (h/t Emile Durkheim.) Believing is the means to belonging. It does not matter what we believe, as long as we all believe it together. 100%; no dissent, exceptions or heresies please.

When God himself set up that Garden of Eden with its talking snake, before Eve had been sweet-talked by the said snake into taking a chomp out of that fateful apple and then passed it across to Adam, God must have known that he was setting them both up for The Fall. No need for God to play dumb, and wander about calling “Adam, where the hell are you? Did you eat the fruit of that tree I told you not to touch?” or some such; while knowing all along what the answer to that question had to be.

All the disputes, murder, mayhem, wars, tyrannies and revolutions of history are down to that one decision by God. Himself; to create that tree and forbid its fruit. But does he take any blame for it all?

Is the Pope a Presbyterian?

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